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IT Services

Address: Thorn Road, Marden
TN12 9EJ
Description: Aumworks specialise in helping small business get on the web, improve web sites and help with SEO and Social Media.
Business Contact Email: warren@aumworks.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01622 831531
Brookmead Systems Ltd
Address: 1 Stella Close, Marden
TN12 9TP
Description: Brookmead Systems Ltd provides IT Support and Cloud hosted services to small & medium size businesses.
Business Contact Email: terry.collins@brookmead.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01622 808005
Heliocentrix Ltd.
Address: Beech House, Thorn Road, Marden, Kent
TN12 9EJ
Description: We provide innovative and flexible IT services which allow our clients to focus on their core businesses.
Business Contact Email: support@heliocentrix.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01732 600170
Data Store Date: 18/04/2019
Purer Solutions Ltd
Address: The Hollies
Maidstone Road
TN12 9AG
Business Contact: Dean Farrant
Business Contact Email: info@purersolutions.co.uk
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Business Phone Number: 01622 910070
Data Store Date: 11/05/2019