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Pharmacy Services Assistant Apprenticeship

Pharmacy Services Assistant Apprenticeship
Alex Geeves
5th February 2020

We have a vacancy for a young person to enrol in the above programme.
The successful candidate will enrol on a full time on the job training to become an accredited pharmacy assistant.

  • Learners must work under the supervision of a pharmacist, pharmacy technician or other accountable healthcare professional
  • Learners must live and work in England and have been a resident in the EU for a minimum of 3 years
  • Learners cannot be in full time education and must be aged 16 years old or above
  • Learners must hold a National Insurance number
  • Learners cannot be enrolled onto another government funded programme
  • Learners cannot hold a level 4 qualification or above, unless the qualification is “materially different” from the apprenticeship in pharmacy framework. Any queries in relation to prior qualifications and their content in relation to the apprenticeship programme will be passed to our chief pharmacist
  • At least 20% off-the-job training must be delivered, in relation to the apprentice’s contracted working hours. Off-the-job training includes online learning, practical training through shadowing and mentoring, alongside learning support and time spent writing assessments and assignments towards the knowledge, skills and behaviours of the standard. Buttercups Training will work with the employer to agree a training plan prior to enrolment. Please note, time within work for any Functional Skills courses must be allowed in addition to the 20% off-the-job training.
  • Learners must be on programme for a minimum of 12 months from their start date .

Once qualified this could lead to a full time employment with us.

Please apply to: contact@mardenpharmacy.co.uk with your recent CV