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2016 AGM Reminder email

2016 AGM Reminder email
Jaime Graymead
16th March 2016
Marden Business Forum – Reminder of AGM 2016 View this email in your browser


Networking Event &
Annual General Meeting

Our next networking event will be held alongside our AGM, tomorrow on the 17th March from 6-8pm, at the Unicorn Public House, High Street, TN12 9DR.

Learn about Community First Responders, and a free buffet will be provided.

Please contact event@mardenbusinessforum.com ASAP if you would like to attend the networking event

Marden Business Forum

Reminder of the notice of Annual General Meeting, as given on 7th March 2016:

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2016.

Notice is hereby given that the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Marden Business Forum will be held in the Unicorn Public House, High Street, TN12 9DR on 17th March at 6pm:


  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. Consideration of Members present for quorum.
  3. Acceptance of Minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 30th April 2015.
  4. Chairman’s report.
  5. Financial report.
  6. Election of the Forum Committee. Please note that whilst the present committee members are prepared to stand for a further term, please notify the secretary of any members wishing to stand for election prior to the AGM.
  7. AOB. Please notify by email to committee@mardenbusinessforum.com prior to the meeting.
  8. Close meeting.

Dated: 7th March 2016

Steve Ford
Marden Business Forum Secretary

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