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Legal Policy

Legal Policy
15th April 2013

Publisher’s Legal Warning and Notes

Intellectual Property Rights.
This web site and the printed directory have been compiled and published by the Marden Business Forum who is the owner of the copyright and database rights in it. All intellectual property rights are reserved. The directory may also contain information which has been licensed to Marden Business Forum from third parties.

No reproduction copying, scanning, recording, broadcasting or transmitting by any means, in any form, of any part of this directory is permitted without the express prior written consent of Marden Business Forum. This directory may not be used: to prepare compile other databases or directories; to provide any kind of commercial information service; or as a source of material or contact data for any kind of marketing activity. The use of cuttings taken from this directory to solicit or to facilitate the solicitation of entries, insertions or advertisements in other publications, in any medium, or the solicitation of any other Marden Business Forum has adopted security measures to detect infringement of its intellectual property rights in this directory and to use in any subsequent civil and/or criminal legal proceedings.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the various entries in the directory. The content and classification of entries is based on the latest information available to Marden Business Forum at the time of going to print. Information may change but this edition will not be amended and reissued as a result of any such changes.

Classification headings
The headings used in this directory are intended to be useful ‘finding terms’ for directory users and should not be read as trade descriptions within the meaning of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968. The appearance of a business or individual under a particular heading does not necessarily indicate the goods or services of the kind suggested by the heading are provided by that business or individual nor that they are legally entitled or professionally qualified to carry on a particular trade, business or profession.

Marden Business Forum is not an agent for the business or individuals within the directory and is unable to vouch for any advertising claims, including time sensitive information such as prices, discounts or interest rates, professional qualifications, trade certifications. Memberships of trade associations or content of web sites whose addresses may be shown in individual entries published anywhere in this directory.
Marden Business Forum advises users of the directory to satisfy themselves as to the exact nature and price of the goods or services offered, and the qualifications held by the businesses or individuals.

All Guides within the directory are provided for general guidance only, do not constitute legal or professional advice and are not intended to be exhaustive.

Images and Artwork
All photographs and images used in this directory are representative only and do not necessarily reflect or represent the actual quality or quantity of goods or services offered or made available.

Published by Marden Business Forum