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Appeal from Marden Scouts

Appeal from Marden Scouts
10th September 2013

Dear Marden Busines Forum

As I’m sure you aware the Scout HQ is situated behind the the library in Marden Village.  The Scout was a redundant site hut and was donated to the Group in 1987!

Over recent years the Scout Groups membership has increased and so the Groups Executive committee have had to plan for future growth.  A major factor of our planning was to examine the Scout HQ and plan for required maintenance.  A retired surveyor generously gave his time and identified areas that would need addressing and repairs needed to be under taken and so working party weekends were arranged, the first of which was last Saturday.

Unfortunately our working party has uncovered that areas such as our soffets, fascia boards and all of windows on the south side of the building were beyond a “patch up” and would need a professional to look at.

On top of this revelation and probable dent in the Scout Groups funds, we suffered a break in on Sunday night / Monday morning, which has left us with a cut down chain link fence, smashed window and the loss of our large petrol Hayter mower.

I am therefore writing to yourselves to see if there are any of your members that could offer some assistance in some way or the other.  Please send any correspondence to 2 of our Executive Committee members,  ian.grimes01@btinternet.comamandacauser@talk21.com.

Many thanks

Marden Scouts