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Nick Moon Coaching

At Nick Moon Coaching, I take a largely non-directive, person-centred approach to coaching, where I provide calm challenge to help you move forward. I am a qualified and professional personal coach based in Marden, Kent. I provide confidential coaching to individuals who are looking for clarity and perspective in their lives. You might want to talk about your wellbeing, your job or career, your studies, your interpersonal relationships or just life in general. Everything that takes place in the coaching relationship is led by you. I’m here to ask the right questions at the right time to help you take the best next steps. I can provide coaching face to face, or we can do it online if you prefer. You can text or call me on 07725596071, or drop me an email at nick@nickmooncoaching.com

Contact Information


077255 96 071


1 Sutton Forge
TN12 9DY

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