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Business Lockdown

Business Lockdown
Alex Geeves
31st March 2020

March has been a bit of a shock to the system for most people and many small businesses are now struggling to make a living. This is mainly due to the current Lockdown situation and the inability to have face to face contact with each other.

However if you have a product / remote service that you could still continue to provide, then make sure you are fully online to do it properly.

Recently Aumworks worked on a website for turnerscider.co.uk, a local business in Marden making excellent quality Craft Cider. Since the pub and restaurants are all suddenly shut, things were looking ominous as they may be for many of you. However with a stroke of hindsight we built the website with a full E-commerce system to buy Turner Cider online with delivery to your home. This has been hugely successful and Turner Cider is continuing to bottle fresh Marden Cider and get it out to their customers.

They recovered the costs of the website within the first week of going live and are now moving boldly ahead with their business in a different direction as initially expected for this year.

Aumworks can help local businesses with all online aspects and we can do this all without having to meet you either. Happy to Facetime/Skype/Zoom a meeting to discuss what you need.

Get in touch.