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Business Profile: CMR

Business Profile: CMR
Alex Geeves
6th March 2020

CMR stands for Custom Marketing Resources, three words that explain exactly what this sole trader does. If you need the words explained further – for ‘Custom’ read ‘Unique’ (just for you), For ‘Marketing’ the ‘way you find your customers’ and for ‘Resources’ everything from how you are going to run your business, what’s the best name for it and how are you going to find and keep your customers. An example of the type of thinking is, as one of the early members of Marden Business Forum, it was CMR’s idea to produce the first membership directory. Networking was new, the best ideas of how to spread the word were unproven, but it worked.

If you are thinking of setting up a new business or relaunching an existing one, there’s no better place to start. CMR offer a free hour for a face to face chat. You do not have to be at a particular level, you could be thinking about a business next year and want to understand the things you should think about now. Your business might already be trickling along but need a kick to get it going faster. Or, like many people you may feel your business is okay but could do better, all the jargon people use today might confuse you (social media, online campaigns, E-marketing, ROI, email development, B2B lead generation). You are busy doing what you do and understanding the developments and changes in your own industry, so it is understandable.

There are no hard and fast rules about what you have to do – there are positive paths that can be taken to find new potential customers. Every business is different. There is no magic formula. You might be a sole trader (or working for a company with less than 9 people) and like it that way. 92% of people in the UK are. It just feels like everyone else works for a big operation. Apart from annoying us more and more the ‘news’ rams big companies down our throat – not as many people like the real majority.

To take this further this sole trader is local, in Chainhurst just two miles from Marden. 01622 820841. There is a mobile but, hey, this is Chainhurst! The man to talk to is Alan Reading. Worth a call.