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COVID19 – Advice for local SME’s

COVID19 – Advice for local SME’s
Alex Geeves
17th March 2020

COVID 19 – Advice for local SME’s.

There are potentially very challenging times ahead for us all at the moment.

  • Do you need help putting a contingency plan in place for your business?
  • Can you force employees to take unpaid leave or holiday?
  • What happens if you don’t have a lay-off clause in your contract of employment?
  • If children are being sent home from School what will you do if your employees need to provide childcare cover and can’t work from home?

If your Company needs help or advice relating to your employees and how best to approach the current COVID 19 situation, please do get in touch.  jo@hayeshr.com

My fee structure is as follows:

Initial telephone call No charge
Minimum call charge of up to one hour £25
Hourly rate £45
Daily rate £250

I am a local HR Consultant living and working in Marden.

We can get through this together.

Kind regards,