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The V2 and Marden

The V2 and Marden
Alex Geeves
9th December 2019

We believe this talk by enthusiasts, Colin and Sean Welch, taking place at Marden Primary School on Thursday 21st November at 7.00 pm will be of great interest to Business Forum members and their families. These were the experts who excavated the Chainhurst V2 remains, a few months ago and who now return to present their findings on this and other local flying bomb sites.
There is no charge for entry but any donations would help towards the Welch brothers’ travel expenses and also the running costs of our award-winning village Heritage Centre.

The V2 rocket attacks – and in particular the recent excavation of a rocket that was launched early on Friday 9 March 1945 from The Hague and impacted near Marden six minutes later.

A presentation about the V-weapons and a journey of discovery. Exhasutive archive work and archaeology. The talk will feature a digital film which catalogues the entire V-weapon offensive into Great Britain, plotting every recorded impact accurately in an animated mapping. A compelling visual description of the progression of the offensive and the countermeasures.

Featuring an unravelling of the Marden V2 impact and the work to discover its archaeology. There will also be an exhibition of the finds.