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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads
Alex Geeves
6th June 2019


If you’re planning to run some Facebook (and Instagram) Ads – not just boosting posts – here are a few suggestions to help obtain better results and ensure that you don’t waste your time and money.

Your Audience

Firstly, have a good think about your potential customers – who they are, what do they like and where do they live? I’ve lost count of the number of adverts served to me on my newsfeed by businesses suggesting I visit them … but they are based halfway across the country (clearly not using geo-targeting!).
Secondly, add a Facebook pixel to your website? This can be done via Facebook Business Manager (www.business.facebook.com). It means you can set up specific audiences for your products and retarget visitors to your website. No pixel = no data = lost opportunity = money wasted.

Your Advert

The Facebook newsfeed is a noisy place and you really need to stand out – try not to use too much text or a poor quality photo in your Ad. Grab your audience’s attention with a succinct headline to make them stop scrolling and have a look – use quality images, create videos, catalogues or a carousel post – it doesn’t need to be boring!

Your Budget

Think how much money your business spends on print advertising and promotions and then adjust your online budget mindset accordingly. If you consider how much time your audience spends on social media, this is a great way to get your brand out there. Facebook advertising does provide a good return for outlay but you do need to put some budget behind it to get those results.

We have been successfully managing Facebook (and Instagram) adverts for a number of local companies so if you’d like to find out how we can help your business, then contact mardenbusinessforum.com/design-be-social/ to find out more!