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Invite for Successes and News to be shared

Invite for Successes and News to be shared
10th May 2013

Marden Business Forum
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Good Morning Members

We are trying to use the Marden Business Forum website, to spread news to you all, and benefit the community, by providing them with a platform, too see what the local businesses are doing and have to offer, so any news, jobs, successful orders completed, staff successes, new employees or information you think will be helpful then please email it to Committee@MardenBusinessForum.com, pictures most welcome as well.

Airclean successfully fulfilled one job vacancy this week, and there is another posted, so if you know someone who is looking for an internal sales position, then suggest they look on the site: www.MardenBusinessForum.com.

May Newsletter due out at the end of the month… Click Here to view the April Newsletter

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