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Marden Business Showcase 2016 Email

Marden Business Showcase 2016 Email
Jaime Graymead
20th June 2016
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Marden Business Showcase

28th July 2016

Our next event will be ‘Marden Business Showcase’, on 28th July 2016 in Burtons Forecourt, Pattenden Lane, Marden TN12 9QD.

The showcase is a platform for you to show off what you produce, allow everyone to meet the owners behind the products and find out more about local services.

There is FREE entry for everyone and FREE exhibition plots avalable for MBF members.

The showcase will be open from 6:00pm until 8:00pm.
Food and refreshments available.

If you would like to exhibit and have renewed your forum membership for 2016, please contact David Burton at David.Burton@burtons.uk.com as soon as possible.

Manufactured in Marden 2014
Marden Business Showcase 2015

Diamond Jubilee Walk

The Marden Walking Group are walking the Diamond Jubilee Walk, which was featured in the Marden Business Forum 2016 Directory.

This is a great opportunity to get outside, do some light exercise and really take in and experience the Marden countryside.

The walk is taking place on Friday 24th June at 6:30pm and will start at the Library Car Park.

For more information about the Diamond Jubilee Walk, see pages 6-7 of the Marden Business Forum 2016 directory.

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