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Marden Cubs Needs You Email

Marden Cubs Needs You Email
Jaime Graymead
22nd October 2015
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Marden Cubs Needs You!

Cub Leaders and Assistants Required


Matt Causer is stepping down from his 9 year post as the Marden Cub Scout Leader at the end of the year. Volunteers are now needed to ensure Marden can continue to provide Cub Scouting for young people in the area.

Volunteers need not necessarily know how to tie a reef knot or put up a tent as enthusiasm goes a long way. Joining our team may sound like a big commitment to already busy lives but we encourage flexible volunteering and, like all things, many hands make light work.

Volunteering for the Cubs will give you the opportunity to change young people’s lives by encouraging them to achieve their best, building there self-confidence and develop their lives into a positive outlook for tomorrow.

With you providing the direction you can help make a young person see the way forwards, encouraging them to find the answer and discovering a solution through doing, helping them to grow into happy, confident, respected young people.

Can you do that?

CLICK HERE for Marden Cubs contact details and more information on volunteering

Dated: 22nd October 2015

Marden Cubs

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