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Marden in Bloom

Marden in Bloom
Alex Geeves
3rd April 2020

It would be wonderful if residents, whilst on your daily walk, could take out some water (e.g. empty milk carton) and give any planters you pass a little drink as they are very thirsty after all the sun & wind.The village has been looking wonderful with all the daffs the Bloomers have planted and hope they have helped to brighten your mood in the midst of this unprecedented crisis.  However, we don’t want the plants in the planters to die. Or indeed, if you live adjacent to a planter and give it a drink from time to time, that would be wonderful.


If you are able to get out and about or have any trees in your garden, it would be great if you could take photos and to encourage your children to understand the importance of trees. Please send your jpeg images to: mardeninbloom@outlook.com by end October or post them on Marden in Bloom’s Facebook page. Please remember the photos should only be of trees in our Parish and can be bare, in flower or in leaf.

Keep safe and keep well.

Anne Boswell & the “Blooming” team