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Marden Business Forum 2017 Directory

Marden Business Forum 2017 Directory
18th November 2016
Marden Business Forum – MBF 2017 Directory

Marden Business Forum 2017 Directory

The directory is distributed to every business and household in the Marden parish.

We are currently producing the Marden Business Forum 2017 Directory.

Please check your listing on the Marden Business Forum website, as this is the information that will be printed in the directory.

Every member receives a short text listing in the A-Z section and then in the up to 4 categories you are listed in on the website.

As well as the standing listing, we have lots advertising spaces available to purchase.

Please do advertise as it supports the forum and keeps the cost of membership down.

We have taken the decision to hold the advertising rates at 2016 prices.

To book your advertising slot email: directory@mardenbusinessforum.com

If you need help with advert artwork, there are members of the forum who offer this service.

Advert pricing for 2016 2017:

Advert type Price
Your logo on front cover (1 of 20) £20.00
Quarter Page £40.00
Half Page £60.00
Full Page (internal) £120.00
Inside Back Cover £150.00
Back Cover £300.00


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