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Newsletter August 2013

Newsletter August 2013
11th September 2013
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MBF News & Events – August 2013

Neighbourhood Plan Workshop


Come along to the Memorial Hall from 09:30am until 1pm on Saturday 21st September. The meeting will look into the environment in and around Marden and issues affecting conservation, industry and housing.

Click here for more information

Members Evening
3rd October

Come along to meet your committee and fellow members over a welcome drink and nibbles. Commencing at 6pm on Thursday 3rd October at Stile Bridge Pub, Marden.


MP at the Unicorn
13th December

Helen Grant

Come along to the Unicorn Pub commencing at 6pm to meet Helen Grant MP on 13th December, Members and a guest welcome.

The event is hosted by John Warnott of BBC Fame.

7.5 Tonne Weight Restriction

The temporary 7.5 tonne weight restriction through Yalding 6 month consultation period ends soon. The experiment is scheduled to be in place for 18 months.

You may agree with it or disagree, but make your individual representation to KCC Highways Department as each email counts for 1 opinion.

If you wish to make your representation on the scheme, you can do so by clicking here until the consultation period ends at noon on 7th November.

Marden Scout HQ

Over the weekend Marden Scouts discovered that their HQ (situated behind the library) was in need of professional renovation. On top of this they had a break in Sunday night.

If any members are able to offer assistance in any way please click here for more information

Road Works

Up to date road work details and Parish Council minutes are now available through the MBF website

News for the Village – August 2013

Ben Miller Sketch Show

Three hours of filming for Ben Miller’s new silent sketch show took place last week at Stanleys Garage. It is hoped that should this “Taster” be successful and a series made, Marden will become their preferred village.

Read the full story

Ben Miller

Is your shed safe?

Shed Poster

Children’s Centre

Kent County Council are currently consulting on reducing the number of Children’s Centres in Kent, or in some cases reducing operating hours or linking services between centres. The Marden Children’s Centre is due for closure

Click Here for the full story.

Housing Developments

Marden was designated to build an extra 320 homes as part of Government Policy, but this figure is likely to increase as a result of Maidstone Borough Council local plans.

All applications are discussed by the Parish Council in public, so to find the next meeting and voice your opinion visit the Marden PC website

Ghana Rama

James Stanlake is hosting a fund raising disco and live music event on Saturday 12th October, to fund a community building project trip to Ghana in 2014.

Click here for more information

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