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Portcullis Insurance
4th May 2017

Cyber and data risks insurance protects your business should it suffer a data breach or an attack by a malicious hacker, impacting your computer and industrial control systems.
The Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2017 states that more than 57% of UK businesses have been attacked in the last year, with SME firms hit hardest; the average estimated cost to the business is £25,736; and only 36% of UK businesses, despite the very real threat, have Cyber Insurance.
If your business:

  • Handles sensitive customer data (names, addresses, bank details, merchant payment services etc.)
  • Are reliant on computers and industrial control systems to trade
  • Have a website

You will need Cyber and data risks protection.
Typically, and there are many variations in insurance cover provided and of course exclusions, you can be covered for:

  • Breach Costs – unauthorised access; use or disclosure of personal data
  • Cyber Business Interruption – loss of income and increased costs of working
  • Hacker Damage – corruption, misuse or theft of programs
  • Cyber Extortion – third party ransom demands
  • Privacy Protection – claim made against the business for release of personal information or data
  • Media Liability – alteration of email and website content that results in a claim made against the business

Portcullis are offering a complimentary meeting to Marden businesses and manufacturers to describe the different types of Cyber attacks, typical impacts, and the insurance solutions currently available.
Contact Portcullis Insurance mentioning Marden Business Forum.