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The Queens 90th Birthday Party

The Queens 90th Birthday Party
Jaime Graymead
2nd February 2016

On the 23rd April, Marden will celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday from 12pm till 4pm at Southons Field Marden.

There will be the West Kent Big Band performing, BBQ, a Queen’s Portrait Competition (Children’s) and a Wheelbarrow Race.

“I would really like to get as many companies involved in the Wheelbarrow Race and engaged with the local community.  We are asking for teams of 3 people.  There will be a prize for Best Decorated Themed Wheelbarrow, Best Dressed Themed Team and Fastest Circuit around the course (each of the 3 people taking turns in the barrow for 3 laps).  I will be asking local companies to see if they can donate items for the course in exchange for an advertising PVC banner attached to the fencing.  Course will be cordoned off with Plastic Meshed Fencing and we will be creating chicanes with haystacks, we also want to build a ramp with some logs to create an obstacle.  I’m hoping some companies can donate this items (or let us borrow them!) in exchange for advertising on the day.  Each team will have to sign a disclaimer that they enter at their own risk!  All good It’s A Knockout kind of fun with the public cheering them on.” – Rachel Gillis-Coates

Further details to come.