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Urgent Reminder

Urgent Reminder
10th January 2014
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Marden Business Forum Directory 2014

FAO those who have not yet replied.

– We require your summary sentence describing your business activities up to a maximum of 20 words.

– Your information for the printed directory and clarification of the categories you wish to appear under.

– Your advertisements. If you wish to have more than the basic listing, the following options are available:

Advert Size Price
Your logo on front cover* £20.00
Quarter page £40.00
Half page £80.00
Full page £150.00
Inside back cover* £200.00
Back cover* £300.00

* Ballot if more companies interested than space allows for.

Please reply via email with your information as soon as possible as we are about to go to print

Kind Regards,

Steve Ford

Secretary – Marden Business Forum


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