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What Marden Does Best Support

What Marden Does Best Support
19th May 2017

After our initial e-mail regarding possible donations or raffle prizes from local businesses. We have only had 1 kind response to donate £30.
NFU Mutual have kindly offered to not charge us for the Public Liability Insurance but this has come via a couple of personnel meetings. This is a massive help as it was about a third of our costs for the day.

We have spent a lot of time and effort putting together what we hope will be a great community event. As the name of the day suggests we are proud of our village and are trying to showcase the many varied things we have to offer, many of the stall holders have surprised us as to what they do.

Also if any of your members have any covers for electric cables suitable for laying on the floor could they contact us and we will arrange to collect them for use on the day.

Any help will be gratefully received and the business is welcome to have a banner or sign up on the day in our space reserved (which currently has plenty of space).

Kind Regards,
What Marden Does Best