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After our initial e-mail regarding possible donations or raffle prizes from local businesses. We have only had 1 kind response to donate £30.
NFU Mutual have kindly offered to not charge us for the Public Liability Insurance but this has come via a couple of personnel meetings. This is a massive help as it was about a third of our costs for the day.

We have spent a lot of time and effort putting together what we hope will be a great community event. As the name of the day suggests we are proud of our village and are trying to showcase the many varied things we have to offer, many of the stall holders have surprised us as to what they do.

Also if any of your members have any covers for electric cables suitable for laying on the floor could they contact us and we will arrange to collect them for use on the day.

Any help will be gratefully received and the business is welcome to have a banner or sign up on the day in our space reserved (which currently has plenty of space).

Kind Regards,
What Marden Does Best

What Marden Does Best

As representatives of this year’s family fun day and music event on

Southons Field Marden 2pm till 8pm Saturday 17th June 2017 we are writing to you for assistance.

Event: What Marden Does Best

Showcasing all that is great about Marden from Turners Cider, ANNO Distillers and The West End Tavern and Unicorn PHs to all of the charities, clubs and organisations within Marden.

Anno, Turners and the 2 pubs are contributing a % of their days takings, exhibitors are paying £5 to have a stall and visitors are paying £5 per adult, U16’s free.

I am Chairman of Marden Scout Group and we are always desperately searching for new leaders.

I know other clubs and organisations are looking for new members or even just awareness and the businesses and charities are looking for new customers and donors.

We have a very large amount of new houses being built at the moment and now is the time to try and encourage the new residents (and old) to join in.

What are we looking for:
The more people we can reach out to the more of a success the day will be. Not only are we looking for visitors to the event we are looking for:


  • Portaloos £340 for 6 from Four Jays
  • Insurance for the day NFU quoted £250
  • Wrist bands £30
  • General costs plastic fencing/ribbon etc.


  • We will welcome any offers that we can give as prizes in the raffle
  • Including a prize for “Marden’s Got Talent” competition.

General Advertising:

  • If anyone would like to advertise their company and sponsor the event please feel free to make an offer and provide us with a sign/logo that can be erected on the field in the morning.
  • All monies raised (after any personal outlays for setting up the event are taken out) will go to the:
    • Kent Air Ambulance
    • Marden Heritage Society

    With a small donation as a prize for Marden Primary School for creating our advertising poster

Please could all interested parties contact with the interest in the subject title ie Sponsorship or Raffle

The day is open to everyone living and working in Marden and as well as the exhibitors we also have live music from around 4.30 from bands and singers in Marden followed by the finale of Marden’s Got Talent.

If anyone has any questions or would like to help us set up on the day and clear down the morning after please feel free to contact us subject “Helper”

David Brockis, Chris Brampton, Nigel Jenner, Darren Reeves Matt Mitchell Co-organisers

Petition against Proposed Reduction in Train Services to London

The Southeastern franchise is due to be renewed at the end of 2018 and the government, under the guise of ‘improving the service’, are proposing a reduction in services from ‘intervening, rural stations’ (Pluckley, Headcorn, Staplehurst, Marden and Paddock Wood) to just one an hour, and to a single London station, so a big reduction in services.

This will allow them to run fast trains from destinations such as Ashford, Hastings and Rye thereby encouraging more people to move to those destinations.

There is a petition and information which is open till midnight on 2nd May only. Currently approx 2,200 signatures, so some way short of the 10,000 which I’m told is required for it to get noticed!  We have managed to get over 1,000 to sign since yesterday.

Match Fit! FREE Men’s Health Programme

Match Fit is a unique programme, designed to help men exercise more and lose weight. The course involves 10 one hour sessions with an experienced exercise professional. Over the 10 weeks participants will gradually build up their level and intensity of exercise.

Why ‘just for men’?

Many men find the thought of going to a gym is not for them or maybe they haven’t exercised for a while. This is a free course for men of all ages, backgrounds and abilities that have a BMI of 28 or more.

Where and when does it take place?

Courses will be running:

Wednesdays, 5:00pm – 6:00pm at Heather House, Parkwood starting 5th April
Thursdays, 6:00pm – 7:00pm at Gallagher Stadium, Maidstone starting 6th April.

Click Here for more information

ONCLICK Photography – Snap up a bargain

Brook elearning product launch – House of Commons 2016

Photography has always formed a major part of the Onclick elearning development service. But last year, we were excited to expand this offering, by opening a dedicated photographic and film studio, right here in Marden.

Whether we are snapping staff profiles for company websites, product ranges for promotions, covering outside events or filming interviews and demonstrations, Onclick Photography can support your unique business and personal needs.

Some of our recent projects have included catalogue photography for Alpha Wholesale, fashion shoots with Brogdale Boutique and a new brand launch for sexual health charity, Brook.

But alongside the corporate projects, we enjoy venturing into the local community for the more personal shoots with individual models and families.

We are now offering all Marden Business Forum members, their staff, families and friends a 20% discount on our rates.
It’s great fun, a unique gift, and an essential window on local businesses.
Get in touch and quote “Marden Business Forum” to qualify.

t: 01622 831 463

Don’t Want to COOK Tonight?

Try our new Frozen Meals, straight from freezer to oven… Delicious !!!!!

Available now at Stanleys Garage

01622 831278

Burtons Are Expanding

Burtons have just taken on an extra building in Pattenden Lane, Weald House opposite the entrance to Wheelbarrow Ind Est.
Over the last couple of years we have developed two additional strings to our business bow. We now stock and distribute an extensive range of products for canine beauty professionals (dog grooming) as well as an ever growing range of products and feeds for Koi ponds, including the BD series of drum filters, which we manufacture at our main site.

Weald House will be the centre of operations for these products, which are sold online and also provide a warm welcome to those wishing to view products in our show room and make purchases to take home. We hope to have everything up and running by the end of April.

Why not call in and have a browse? Everything you need from a small bottle of dog shampoo to a whole new filtration system for your pond!

David Burton
Burtons Group of Companies

Marden Post Office

On behalf of the Marden Business Forum, we’d like to wish Will & Jill Welby a happy retirement from the Marden Post Office and thank them for all their hard work over the past years.

‘Good Luck’ to Nav in Crowhurst & Tompsetts (The Premier) in taking it on. Having lost our Bank, it was vital that our Post Office should remain open, it appears to be in safe hands!

What will happen to the Old post Office is uncertain at the moment, but all I can say, is, the Purchaser has the wellbeing of Marden at heart and he wishes to keep it as retail use…

Any entrepreneurs out there with some great ideas????

Stolen Equipment

Just after midday on the 10th October 2016 a thief took a rental truck owned by Mobitech Lift Trucks from an address in Goudhurst Road, Marden, Kent.

Mobitech Lift Trucks are offering a £500 reward to be paid to the person who provides the information that leads to the successful recovery of the equipment.

Truck details:

4WD All Terrain forklift
Make: Agrimac
Model: Th-175c
Serial no: 2612A

As you will see from the pictures, being lime green, it is quite a noticeable colour, so it will be quite difficult to hide.
If you are offered this piece of equipment please get in contact with Mobitech Lift Trucks direct or contact Kent Police referencing the crime number below:

This is will be too hot to handle as there are not many in the UK!

Crime Ref: YY-22659-16
Please call Mobitech Lift Trucks on 01580 852473


Medway River Flood Management

Newsletter from Helen Grant MP, Member of Parliament for Maidstone and The Weald

It is now almost two years since the floods of Christmas 2013 and in the wake of the dreadful flooding in Cumbria last weekend I thought it might be a good time to review our preparedness for future events here in the constituency of Maidstone & The Weald.

I am delivering this letter in hard copy to one randomly selected person per household from the electoral role within the Yalding and Laddingford ME18 6 postcode area, which was particularly badly affected in 2013. Many other parts of the constituency were also affected; Allington Marina, Maidstone town centre and Marden, to name but three. I am therefore also sending this letter to my entire email database to try and reach as many people as possible who might be at risk of flooding here. It contains several links to some valuable information and guidance, so please forward this to others you know if you think it may be of some help to them.

In February 2014 I established a Flood Forum (pictured right) to pull together a comprehensive plan of action to manage future flood threats. Participants included County, Borough and Parish Councils, the Environment Agency (EA), Emergency Services, Residents and Businesses. A joint action plan was devised and I continue to monitor progress of that plan.  A brief summary of progress is set out below.

  • The authorities’ response report on the events of 2013-14 has been reviewed and shared with residents and parishes.Helen-Grant-1
  • Public flood risk meetings have been held by the EA
  • Personal flood plan leaflets have been devised and distributed.
  • Revised flood warning systems are in place
  • Sandbag sites have been earmarked
  • Local flood wardens have been appointed and trained.

Click here to download the contact details and zones of responsibility for our wardens for Yalding and Laddingford.

A key part of the action plan was to secure the funding for two new major local flood management projects. In December 2014 central government rewarded our efforts by confirming £17m of funding, which was matched by a pledge of a further £17m by Kent County Council. The Chancellor reconfirmed the Government’s funding commitment in his Autumn Statement as a part of over £2 billion committed to protect 300,000 homes across the country.

The initial work for these projects has been underway during 2015 through the development of a new Medway flood model to test the defence options. The complexities of the Medway catchment area, with the number and orientation of the tributaries, has posed quite a challenge.  The EA tell me, however, that they expect to have completed this work by February 2016 with projected design and construction completion dates of 2019 and 2022 respectively.  Click here for more information on the EA website

The EA are issuing newsletters every 6 months updating on progress with the River Medway Flood Storage Areas which are being distributed to local people or published in the Parish Magazine by the Parish Council. The first two can also be downloaded here;

• No.1 – June 2015

• No.2 – December 2015

The EA have also provided me, and our flood wardens, with a range of very helpful documents all of which can be downloaded by clicking on the following links;

Help with household insurance for houses in flood risk areas is also being planned through the world’s first Flood Reinsurance scheme Flood Re. DetailHelen-Grant-2s are available on the website which also confirms that April 2016 remains the target date for implementation.

In Yalding last Friday (4th December) I met the newly appointed Chief Executive of the Environment Agency Sir James Bevan (pictured right, on Yalding Bridge) to ensure he was fully apprised of the urgency of the situation here.

Sir James was accompanied by the EA Area Strategic Planning Engineer Neil Gunn and EA Area Manager Andrew Pearce who told me that they felt the local community in Yalding had never been as well prepared as they are now and took their hats off to them for such a sterling effort.

Of course, flood risks will not be significantly mitigated until the longer-term capital projects are completed but I hope local people can take some comfort from the co-ordination now in place between the County and Borough and Parish Councils, the Environment Agency, Landowners and Emergency Services.

Yours sincerely